ASPA welcomes applications from new members from across the public affairs and policy sectors. Membership is subject to the approval of the committee.

We believe there are four key reasons for public affairs professionals in Scotland to join us:

Credibility and Visibility

ASPA membership means signing up to a clear professional Code that provides the public with a clear statement of our credibility and accountability.


Regular events provide an opportunity to meet other professionals working in similar positions, and to discuss issues of common interest.


One of ASPA’s key roles is to provide a forum to debate political issues of importance in Scotland in an informal environment.


Often public affairs professionals work in organisations where colleagues are from other disciplines. Access to appropriate training can sometimes be difficult to organise, and by bringing people together from across the profession in Scotland ASPA can facilitate exchange of best practice and other training needs.

Other meetings in the ASPA Exchange series are held regularly

Become a member

Apply for membership

If you would like to apply for ASPA membership on behalf of your organisation or company please complete our online application form.
Membership is £75 per year per organisation or £35 if a registered charity.